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Sculpted Reflection

By : Daniel Sina Jahanian

Bridging Nations


"Within this installation, nine concrete columns stand proudly, each embodying a different nation. The breaks and chips adorning them symbolize the deep wounds and generational trauma carried by these nations. Yet, amidst the differences, a unifying essence shines through, depicted by the vibrant orange paint bleeding from within. Surrounding the columns, the lush grass grows steadily, representing the enduring power of nature and our interconnectedness with Mother Earth."

April 2023

Human Diversity 


This Sculpture Represents the Generations of Various Cultures and Backgrounds, each going in a different Direction defying Norms and Leaving their Mark on History. The sharp edges and the Rough surfaces represent our Flaws and Imperfections While the Splashes of Paint our Passions, Art & Diversity. 

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